Why firmTRAK?

We understand the challenges of growing a successful legal business and executing daily. firmTRAK puts your existing data to work, rendering a successful framework to help you build a better law firm.

Business Intelligent (BI) Dashboard

firmTRAK is designed to provide impactful KPIs as reccommended by the most trusted authorities in the legal industry. Your dashboard is a guide to additional revenues or areas of improvements to help drive your business forward.

Customer Focus

Benchmarking against our industry is not enough. We measure against every other service you are using professionally or personally. Have suggestions, email us at info@firmtrak.com.

Well-Rounded Expertise

Our team merges decades of forward-thinking experience within the legal, technical, operational and service industries to provide an unmatched reporting experience.

Eye on the Future

Our focus is beyond staying ahead of the competition. Discovering the unknown and creating an entirely new visual world within each law firm is our #1 objective.


Start Using firmTRAK Now

firmTRAK is the perfect solution to bring your data to life and understand the health of your law firm. Check us out for free or schedule an online demo today.