What is firmTRAK?

We’re a team of lawyers, we have a lot of experience in different practice. We knew our problems so we created a beneficial solution.

How FirmTrak Started

FirmTrak was launched in 2019 after I experienced a increasing sense of frustration within my own firm.  My practice expanded, my cases increased, and the number of people I brought on board to help manage the business grew, but so did my frustration.

Like many attorneys, I was focused on growth, growth, growth.  I had a very popular office management system, which served its purpose, but it did not provide meaningful measurements to truly move the needle for my business.  I spent countless non-billable hours extracting, compacting, analyzing, etc.  

I went to law school to become a lawyer, not a software engineer who has to try to figure out how to use a program while also growing my law firm. 

So, I decided to partner with those software engineers and firmTRAK was born.  FirmTRAK was launched in 2019 out of a distinct need to simplify and quantify the metrics needed to properly manage my law firm.  

With firmTRAK, I can quickly:

  1. Track matters that need my attention.
  2. Determine which matters need billing or task assignments.
  3. Identify overdue invoices.
  4. Track profitability of billable vs. non-billable hours.
  5. Utilize the firmTRAK dashboard to quickly and accurately evaluate the health of the law firm.

The result is a focused and anticipated outcome on successfully running my business.  I don’t have to spend more time busy being busy and letting cases slip through the cracks.

I can now spend my time doing what I am passionate about:  serving my clients and practicing law.  I invite you to join me in rediscovering your passion for law by streamlining your practice with firmTRAK.


FirmTRAK was created by practicing attorneys to help other practicing attorneys increase efficiencies, increase revenue, and increase service standards for their clients.


Our vision is for all attorneys using PracticePanther and Clio to instantly see the benefits of firmTRAK as a natural add-on to their current workflow. FirmTRAK will be a vital resource in managing the financial health of their practice.

Pricing Policy

The pricing policy is pretty straightforward. The Foundation level of firmTRAK is free. As small business owners, we understand what it's like to have a vision and we know that the Foundation level will help you see that in your own firm. This is an extremely valuable tool that can potentially help you save and earn money. Once you see the vision for your own law firm, our paid versions of firmTRAK Foundation Plus and firmTRAK Foundation Enhanced versions will help you execute that vision.