How firmTRAK Started

firmTRAK is the brainchild of our founder who recognized a need within his own solo practice for meaningful and impactful reporting to help drive decisions. After spending countless (non-billable) hours building make-shift solutions, researching existing KPI options in the market, watching demo after demo, and analyzing very expensive quotes for inadequate law firm solutions, an expert project manager was hired. Soon after, Development, Operations and Sales teams were assembled and firmTRAK was off and running.

With firmTRAK, law firms can quickly view and analyze

  1. Matters from a Prioritized or Chronological Perspective
  2. Billable vs Non-Billable Time
  3. Revenue, Collections, Expenses
  4. Cost to Client Acquisition
  5. Accounts Receivable Aging in Aggregate, by Client or Area of Practice
  6. Profitability/Margin in Aggregate, by Client or Area of Practice

The uniqueness of firmTRAK is our ability to sit on top of your existing practice management system or manual tracking method to provide a powerful, yet affordable, centralized view of the financial, operational and overall health of your law firm.


Start Using firmTRAK Now

firmTRAK is the perfect solution to bring your data to life and understand the health of your law firm. Check us out for free or schedule an online demo today.