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Complex Data.
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Harness your data and unleash the potential of your law firm with instant, ready-made Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting. Start Your Free Trial Get Started

Our Product & Services

Sort All Dashboards

Easily sort by Originating Attorney, Responsible Employee, Area of Practice, Billing Method and Date Ranges.

Trend Analysis

View monthly and annual trends along with 3, 6 or 9 month moving averages.

Top 10 & Bottom 10

Quickly analyze top 10 and bottom 10 drivers of revenue, outstanding dues and collections by client, matters or area of practice.

Matter Management

Track activity with a prioritized view of all open matters, monthly trends and easily identify which matters need immediate attention.

Employee Management

Monitor tasks or track employee productivity based on set goals. Export reports to distribute for employee reviews.

Account Receivable Management

View office level AR aging. Drill down to customer specific measures and easily analyze client’s payment history.

Client and Matter; Growth and Trend

View monthly and annual trends along with 3,6, or 9 month moving averages

Firm Productivity Analysis

View your firm’s performance company wide or by user. Easily review staff billable vs. non billable hours.

Trust & AR Dashboards

firmTRAK visualize provides many trust balance and accounts receivable focused KPI’s to help the firm stay on top of customer balances

3-Way Trust Reconciliation

firmTRAK produces as a standard report the law firm’s 3-way trust reconciliation monthly, keeping you in compliance.

Automate Daily Bank Reconciliation

firmTrak posts daily cash account activity to ensure complete and accurate data.

Automate Customer Billing

firmTRAK can generate your customer’s invoices on your schedule. We work with you to review and send to your clients invoices out accurately and on time

Payroll Integration

firmTRAK integrates with your payroll service provider and the accounting system.  We are knowledgeable in multiple payroll applications including GUSTO.

Smart KPI’s

Base decisions on accurate, real-time business reporting. Easily maximize your strengths and correct areas of improvement.

Dynamic Reporting

Automated business services PLUS the ability to harness your data and unlock the potential of your law firm with instant, ready-made Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting.

Direct API Integration Partners

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Smart, Agile and Customer Focused

Have a report or integration in mind? firmTRAK has the ability to build reporting and integrations to meet your needs. Email us at info@firmtrak.com for more details.

In the Office or On the Go

Our cloud based technology allows you to view your law firm performance on any computer or mobile device, whether in the office, the court house, or even your favorite relaxation destination.

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Here's How it Helped Others


Using firmTRAK has been vital to me reclaiming passion for my practice, my clients, and my overall quality of life. The easy-to-use dashboard allows me to check the health of my practice in real time.

Rich Marvel

Marvel Law

As a successful attorney, we at firmTRAK are here to help you achieve the most that you can.

In that regard, we understand that you went to law school to become a lawyer and not a software engineer. Our software is able to present you with visuals to show you the true success of your firm based on business expertise. Here’s an example of a firmTRAK success from an attorney that was recently voted as a Super Lawyers Rising Star in Georgia.

“firmTRAK fills a critical void in understanding and calculating the metrics of my law firm – both financial KPI’s and case-by-case revenue tracking. It takes the information already available in my practice management software and turns it into easy to follow visualizations that are incredibly powerful. And the best thing about it may be that I don’t have to do much, if anything, to get there. Since I am already inputting the base-level information (i.e. – matters, expenses, invoices, payments, etc.) in my practice management software, firmTRAK is practically self-sufficient. As a busy law firm owner, I don’t have much time to input additional information or calculate key performance indicators. Thanks to firmTRAK, I don’t have to.”

Steven Lefkoff (Attorney at Law)

Lefkoff Law, LLC

I have my own growing law practice with several employees. Not only does FirmTrak do the bookkeeping and accounting that I need, but they integrate with my law practice software (Clio) and accounting software (Xero) in order to provide me with KPI information about my practice through their firmTRAK solution. All at a price that’s less than if I hired a regular bookkeeper! I did a lot of research and looking around before I went with FirmTrak, and I am very happy with them.

José M. Padilla

Padilla Law, PLLC

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