How Much Does firmTRAK Cost?

We offer flat fee, monthly value pricing with no long term commitments. Our pricing is based on the services and reports your unique company requires. CONTACT US today to get your customized quote.

Do You File Annual Income Tax Returns?

No, since we are accountants, we understand the process that CPA’s go through to file taxes, therefore we make sure that your financials are tied out and correct to save our clients time and money during tax season.  We love working with CPA’s and they love us and appreciate the work we do day in and day out, month to month, making life easier for all involved.

Do You Offer Custom Reports?

Absolutely, firmTRAK has the experience to work with your team to build out the reports your team requires. With our accounting service, every company gets up to 5 custom reports at no additional cost. For larger projects, our team can help develop the data integration sources and logic to build out a custom dashboard for your company.

I Don’t Need Accounting, is Expanded Reporting Offered as a Stand Alone Product?

Yes, our application integrates at the API level with CLIO and Practice Panther users.  firmTRAK can work with your data to offer expanded reporting in a cloud based dashboard available anywhere and updated automatically.

Is firmTRAK’s Trust Accounting Compliant With My State Bar Association?

Yes, firmTRAK has developed the skill and workflow to create 3-way trust account reconciliations to comply with state bar associations.  We even provide any monthly reports for IOLTA packages that may need to be sent to compliance staff. 

How Do We Handle ``Client Reimbursable Expenses``?

We can handle this issue with two types of approaches. We can create a “reimbursable expense” line item on the chart of accounts and run the expense and the payment through the same account (recommended).  This chart of accounts will be either a current asset, or an expense account. Or, we can just expense it and record the “money in” from customer billing to a revenue account (not recommended).

Do you work with Accountants, Coaches, & Consultants?

When it comes to meaningful reporting, the quality of input directly impacts the accuracy of the output. The concept of garbage in – garbage out is applicable.

firmTRAK understands the comprehensive expertise you bring too many facets of the legal industry, especially surrounding the organization, accuracy and utilization of the data input. This is why we want to partner with you.

Through a strategic partnership, we can help grow your business by providing your clients with an accurate, streamlined and impactful KPI solution. You will effortlessly be able to shift your focus from problem identification, towards problem solving – ultimately driving your clients business to the next level by making data-driven decisions.

Through a special consulting portal, you can sync and view multiple clients with a single sign on account.

Special pricing discounts are also available.

What Services Do You Offer?

firmTRAK has a wide range of services including, accounting for lawyers, small business, e-commerce, trades and professional services.  This includes all the daily bookkeeping, payroll and app integration in Xero and Quickbooks.  We also offer expanded reporting for law firms with our firmTRAK Visualize application that integrates directly with CLIO and Practice Panther. Wondering if what you need is covered? Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US on the website and SCHEDULE A DEMO.

How Do I Schedule a Demo?

Please CONTACT US on the website and send us a message

How Do I Cancel My Account?

Please CONTACT US on the website and send us a message. Also to cancel your account, you can send us a request through our HELP DESK


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