firmTRAK’s Unforgettable Experience at the ISBA Conference


Keeping up with the latest developments in legal technology is essential for law firms that want to prosper in the twenty-first century. FirmTRAK recently had the honor of taking part in the annual ISBA (Illinois State Bar Association) Conference, which offered a remarkable opportunity to network with legal professionals, showcase our cutting-edge solutions, gain insightful information about the future of the legal industry, and learn about Carin’s special conference experience.

Networking and Building Connections

At the Hyatt Lodge in Oakbrook, Illinois, the ISBA Conference brought together professionals, practitioners, and legal experts from all around the state. It gave firmTRAK a vibrant platform for networking and establishing connections with both seasoned professionals and up-and-coming legal talent.

The opportunity to have deep conversations with lawyers, paralegals, and legal tech aficionados, including our colleagues in the legal services industry, was one of the conference’s highlights for us. These contacts helped us to comprehend the difficulties encountered by law firms and the increasing demand for streamlined and effective legal operations.

Carin’s Experience with firmTRAK

Carin’s time at the ISBA Conference (Illinois State Bar Association) was incredibly instructive and enlightening. Carin got the chance to immerse herself in a dynamic setting full of legal professionals.

Carin states: “The ISBA Conference was held at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, IL.  This was a great experience for networking with other like minded vendors and Solo to Small Law Firms.  The evening reception was wonderful, pleasant and relaxing.  The ISBA had the exhibitor hall organized, having the attendees play a “Bingo” game to visit each vendor and have each vendor initial their “Bingo” card.  This allowed us to actually have a conversation with many of the attendees and develop a better understanding of what each law firm actually does and how our KPI/Analytical dashboard may help them and also how our accounting services can streamline each practice.”

Showcasing Innovative Solutions

Through our participation at the ISBA Conference, firmTRAK was able to highlight our array of cutting-edge technologies. Our software solutions offer complete accounting services for law firms as well as improved reporting for users of PracticePanther and CLIO.

We highlighted firmTRAK’s ability to save legal professionals time, lessen administrative responsibilities, and increase general customer happiness during our booth presentations. Positive reviews and enthusiasm for working with us are consistent from our clientele. Any law practice can be more productive with proper accounting and an understanding of the value of technology.

Insights into the Future of Legal Technology

The ISBA Conference also included principles for employing tech services, networking, and trust. These sessions gave participants insightful information about potential trends and difficulties facing the legal sector in the future.FirmTRAK was able to obtain a wider perspective on the changing market and the new trends in legal technology by interacting with like-minded legal tech companies and industry professionals. It reaffirmed our dedication to maintaining a position at the forefront of innovation and always enhancing our offerings in order to satisfy clients’ shifting needs.


For firmTRAK, attending the ISBA Conference was a worthwhile experience. We had the chance to network with legal experts, present our creative solutions, learn priceless information about the future of the legal sector, and hear firsthand from committed people like (insert name of someone you met).

Adopting technology will be crucial for law firms looking to prosper and provide outstanding service to their customers as the legal landscape continues to change. Future conferences are something we eagerly anticipate, as is the chance to use cutting-edge technology to better the legal profession.