26,566.67% Return On Investment…

Read that title again. Some may call that absolutely incredible. We call it just another day at the office.

The figure above represents one of our test law firms taking the amount of profit they increased over a year and figuring the return on investment with a year’s subscription to firmTRAK.

As you can see in the graphic above, one of the benefits of using firmTRAK is that the system automatically calculates your most profitable case types. Once you are able to harness that data, you can then point your marketing team toward recruiting more of those cases.

On the flip side, you’ll also be able to see that there are some matter types that are more busy work and are more draining to your profit margins. This is, perhaps, one of the most powerful tools that is automatically at your disposal. Once you know where your profits can be, you simply focus your firm on recruiting those matter types.

firmTRAK also helps you stay on top of making sure those matter types are addressed in a timely manner with our Matter Tracker feature. That feature lets you know what matters are in jeopardy (haven’t been addressed or finalized in a certain time period), what matters are in tolerance (making sure they are still on your radar), and what matters are as planned.

That one-two punch is a recipe for success in your business. Recruit the matters that are most profitable to your firm, then make sure that the matters are closed in a respectable time frame.

If your firm isn’t getting an outrageous return on investment from the firm software you are using, simply install firmTRAK to take your firm to the next level.

firmTRAK will sit on top of your current practice management system to automate reporting and analysis of key performance indicators that will help drive the success and growth of your law firm.  No more spreadsheets to analyze using a team of people.  The information is instantly configured and available at your fingertips.

You went to law school to follow your passion for helping people with their legal needs, not to become a software engineer.  That’s where we come in.

Let’s be honest – no other business integration program can do this.

To see how simple it is for us to help your law firm, please check out this short video:

Additionally, we have a special offer for Clio users. See more here:

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