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Is it worth it?

It seems like every year there is some tech gadget or gizmo that is marketed as the next best thing. Often, it ends up being the next best thing to drain your working cash with little return on investment. Sometimes there’s a technology that actually comes along to deliver a return on investment that can turn businesses around for the better.

We actually have a case study to illustrate this. One of our test firms ended up earning $140,000 more in revenue over the year that they used firmTRAK.

How did this happen? This firm used simple, small steps that had a compound effect. They started by simply using firmTRAK and not just letting it sit there. Once the data from the practice software was synched with firmTRAK, the firm was able to realize what mattery types brought in the most money vs cost to administer. The firm was also able to see what matters had been waiting too long for action and they were able to make sure that action was taken on a continual basis. The other major change that was made was the ability to see where clients were in the collection process automatically.

All of these actions were automatically done without the need to figure out how to run tedious reports.

All of these actions were automatically done with the simple step of syncing data and allowing firmTRAK to work for you.

All of these actions were the result of the simple first step: taking firmTRAK on a test drive.

firmTRAK will sit on top of your current practice management system to automate reporting and analysis of key performance indicators that will help drive the success and growth of your law firm.  No more spreadsheets to analyze using a team of people.  The information is instantly configured and available at your fingertips.

You went to law school to follow your passion for helping people with their legal needs, not to become a business analyst.  That’s where we come in.

To see how simple it is for us to help your law firm, please check out this short video:


We are so confident that firmTRAK can help your firm, that we are offering you a FREE 30 day trial of our program. Please click here to register for your FREE 30-day trial today.

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