Mastering Case Management: A Closer Look at firmTRAK’s Matter Tracker

It might be difficult to keep track of all the matters and deadlines in the fast-paced legal environment of today. Matter Tracker is a ground-breaking solution created by firmTRAK to meet the unique requirements of small and midsize law firms. firmTRAK strives to close the gap between smaller firms and their larger counterparts by offering increased reporting capabilities and enhanced case management. We are ardent supporters of giving attorneys the appropriate tools. This blog will explore the relevance of Matter Tracker and how it could fundamentally alter how law firms conduct business.

The Evolution from Deep Well Files to Digital Efficiency:

Four-sided deep well files were once the standard method used by lawyers to maintain their cases. These actual files took up space in the office and acted as visual reminders of unfinished business. But when offices moved toward becoming paperless settings, these piles of case files disappeared, necessitating a digital alternative. This is where firmTRAK’s Matter Tracker enters the picture. By continuously scanning digital data and assessing the progress of cases, it revolutionizes the case management process.

Understanding Matter Tracker:

Once you sign up with firmTRAK, the state of each matter is highlighted by a straightforward color indicator in red, yellow, or green in the visually intuitive application known as Matter Tracker. The Matter Tracker’s code is complex and extensive despite the interface’s seeming simplicity.

Four Factors that Determine Matter Status:

In order to identify a matter’s state, firmTRAK considers four important factors: calendar events, tasks, time entries, and bills. Each situation is assigned to one of three groups, depending on whether these conditions are present or not: critical, urgent, or proceeding according to plan.

  • Critical Matters: Critical matters are those that are urgently in need of attention and lack any associated event, task, time entry, or invoice..
  • Urgent Matters: Matters are deemed urgent when one to three of the four elements are present, suggesting that some progress has been made but that additional action is still necessary.
  • Matters Going as Planned: Things that have all four conditions satisfied are on track and moving along as anticipated.

Customization for Optimal Efficiency:

By switching up to 2 elements off during setup, firmTRAK customers can tailor Matter Tracker to meet the specific needs of various law firms. For instance, you can uncheck the boxes for either tasks or calendar synchronization if your company doesn’t utilize either. Users can also change the cutoff dates for tasks and invoices that Matter Tracker takes into account for each category.

Benefits for the Modern Law Firm:

In order to assess new issues and closely monitor the success of their client intake procedure, law firms find Matter Tracker to be a vital tool. To make sure that nothing is missed or neglected, critical matters highlight potential errors in data entry. With the move to paperless offices, it is crucial to make sure that all data enters the case management system, lowering the possibility of mistakes and unhappy clients.

Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Client Satisfaction:

A law company may suffer serious repercussions for neglecting the development of client proceedings, from negative web evaluations to ARDC complaints. Managers and senior employees are given the tools they need by Matter Tracker to closely monitor case development, increasing customer satisfaction and trust.

In conclusion, firmTRAK’s Matter Tracker is the unique answer for legal firms looking to boost productivity and case management. Visit to learn more about Matter Tracker and other useful reporting measures, or get in touch with us through Calendly to arrange a demo. By following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can stay up to speed with the newest trends and insights. With firmTRAK, you can streamline your business and set the bar for the legal sector.