PracticePanther Now Integrates with firmTRAK


Practice Panther Now Integrates with firmTRAK

firmTRAK set out on a mission to provide the best legal tech services for solo and growing law firms.  That mission hasn’t changed, but the platform and the approach has gone through many iterations.  firmTRAK started as a way for our founder Rich Marvel to stop wasting time running reports from multiple different data sources and combining them manually each month.  

The result is firmTRAK, an integrated legal key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard and law firm metric software combined with an accounting service focused in the legal industry.  This fusion of software to make business decisions and service to facilitate the day to day administrative functioning of the law firm, results in a big advantage for attorneys looking to grow their firm.  

Our software’s newest integration with PracticePanther has launched.  The same integrated dashboard with client and matter trends, new client and matter snapshots, and time and revenue data is live!

PracticePanther has the same access to all the other areas of focus in the application.  These areas include, clients, matters, financials, productivity, trust, AR, and matter tracker.

firmTRAK loves the PracticePanther system and we wanted to offer a robust law firm reporting package to its users.  Our selection of reports easily allows managing attorneys to set and track associate’s productivity. This approach of data driven decisions allows for a true understanding of the most profitable people and practice areas of your law firm to drive business performance over the long term.

Other law firm key performance indicator (KPI) solutions can cost six figures and completely disrupt the workflow of the law firm.  firmTRAK Software is plug and play with simplified pricing based on the number of users.

Visit our pricing page today to find out more or register for a free 30 day trial.