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The Second Major Way That Firms Lose Money Is…

Do you send your invoices automatically at the end of each month?  Research shows that if you don’t have urgency behind your invoicing, your customers won’t have urgency in paying.  If you don’t track your billing as it is happening, you’ll have to go back and fill things in from memory.  That will usually result in you erring in your clients’ favor.  Additionally, when invoices go out infrequently, you’ll usually have to take the time to explain the invoicing to them. 

Let’s face it – time is money.  You need to be sure that you are billing when the work is fresh in your memory and your client’s memory.  When your client sees the professionalism in billing, they’ll usually step up to meet you on that level with payment. 

Let’s also face it – you are busy.  You entered law to practice your passion, not to keep track of billable hours and invoicing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy to use reporting platform that would instantly sync with your current practice management software to help solve this problem?

We thought so, too. That’s why we created firmTRAK.

firmTRAK will sit on top of your current practice management system to automate reporting and analysis of key performance indicators that will help drive the success and growth of your law firm.  No more spreadsheets to analyze using a team of people.  The information is instantly configured and available at your fingertips.

To see how simple it is for us to help your law firm, please check out this short video:

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