firmTRAK Attends ClioCon 2023 in Nashville


Last week firmTRAK attended CliCon in the one and only Music City.  CloCon is the annual event for Clio, a law firm specific management platform, held to educate, inform and allow subscribers and potential subscribers to see, first hand, recent improvements and changes in the application.  As a leader for legaltech innovation, the conference brought together legal professionals, industry experts, and legal tech companies from around the world. For a legal accounting services and SAAS reporting company like firmTRAK, it was a valuable chance to connect with our peers, learn about the latest trends, and showcase our platform.

Overview of the Conference:

For two days, the Gaylord Resort and Convention center  was buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. Over 2,500 attendees flooded the expo hall eager to observe, learn and understand cutting-edge legal tech solutions. The speaker lineup featured 150+ sessions led by renowned industry leaders. Topics spanned from access to justice and diversity in law to security and automation. 

Entertainment and education go hand in hand with the Clio Convention. On the first night of the conference attendees experienced a show at the Grand Ole Opry. The quintessential music hall, the Grand Ole Opry showcased the essence of what Nashville Tennessee has to offer.  The show at the Opry was a great way to relax and unwind after the first day of the conference.  

Following the second day of the conference and to celebrate the end of another great convention, Clio offered attendees another night of entertainment. Our founder, Carin states: “The Tuesday night “After Dark” event took place at Luke’s 32 Bridge on Broadway Street in downtown  Nashville, TN. Live music, lots of food and free flowing libations allowed the conference attendees to relax, socialize following two intense days of the conference. 

Highlights from the firmTRAK Team: 

Our team made the most of the Nashville conference by both sharing our platform and gaining new perspectives. During demos at our booth, we received valuable feedback from attorneys and legal staff across different practice areas. We also learned about enhancements that would help our customers improve efficiency.

Carin summarized firmtrak’s experience at Cliocon,  “During our time at CLIOCON in Nashville,  we met like minded vendors that share our  interest in assisting law firms optimize business performance.  Learning about other solutions and how new solutions can impact the business of law is a key takeaway for Firmtrak. The common goal at Clio is to assist law firms in improving by implementation of better Clio practices, new legal solutions and how they integrate together.” 

As a vendor Conference is always a unique blend of fast paced action and intermittent calm. Many attorneys and vendors are anxious to learn about the latest developments and offerings and see where it makes sense to work together to provide the most comprehensive service to law firms.  

With firmTRAK’s unique blend of traditional accounting services and legal technology, we provide a unique offering, which speaks to traditionalists and to innovators. Developed by accountants and an attorney, Firmtrak’s perspective is from a place of knowing the pain points that lawyers have and applying a real solution to a real problem.

Key Takeaways:

Attending the Nashville conference was an extremely worthwhile experience for the firmTRAK team. Here are some of our key takeaways:

  • The legal industry is eager for solutions that streamline workflows and improve client service. There is massive potential for continued innovation.
  • Security, automation, and integration are top priorities for law firms looking to upgrade their tech stack. 
  • Client portals and document automation can significantly expand law firms’ capacity and efficiency.
  • Collaboration within the legal tech community will be crucial for driving adoption.

We’re grateful we were able to attend this year’s event in Nashville. The insights gained will directly shape firmTRAK’s roadmap as we pursue our mission of empowering law firms with transformative legal tech. We look forward to collaborating with other innovators to advance the industry.


The Nashville legal tech conference surpassed our team’s expectations. The energy and ideas will propel firmTRAK forward as we aim to provide law firms with cutting-edge practice management software. We eagerly anticipate what next year’s event will bring!

firmTRAK’s Unforgettable Experience at the ISBA Conference


Keeping up with the latest developments in legal technology is essential for law firms that want to prosper in the twenty-first century. FirmTRAK recently had the honor of taking part in the annual ISBA (Illinois State Bar Association) Conference, which offered a remarkable opportunity to network with legal professionals, showcase our cutting-edge solutions, gain insightful information about the future of the legal industry, and learn about Carin’s special conference experience.

Networking and Building Connections

At the Hyatt Lodge in Oakbrook, Illinois, the ISBA Conference brought together professionals, practitioners, and legal experts from all around the state. It gave firmTRAK a vibrant platform for networking and establishing connections with both seasoned professionals and up-and-coming legal talent.

The opportunity to have deep conversations with lawyers, paralegals, and legal tech aficionados, including our colleagues in the legal services industry, was one of the conference’s highlights for us. These contacts helped us to comprehend the difficulties encountered by law firms and the increasing demand for streamlined and effective legal operations.

Carin’s Experience with firmTRAK

Carin’s time at the ISBA Conference (Illinois State Bar Association) was incredibly instructive and enlightening. Carin got the chance to immerse herself in a dynamic setting full of legal professionals.

Carin states: “The ISBA Conference was held at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, IL.  This was a great experience for networking with other like minded vendors and Solo to Small Law Firms.  The evening reception was wonderful, pleasant and relaxing.  The ISBA had the exhibitor hall organized, having the attendees play a “Bingo” game to visit each vendor and have each vendor initial their “Bingo” card.  This allowed us to actually have a conversation with many of the attendees and develop a better understanding of what each law firm actually does and how our KPI/Analytical dashboard may help them and also how our accounting services can streamline each practice.”

Showcasing Innovative Solutions

Through our participation at the ISBA Conference, firmTRAK was able to highlight our array of cutting-edge technologies. Our software solutions offer complete accounting services for law firms as well as improved reporting for users of PracticePanther and CLIO.

We highlighted firmTRAK’s ability to save legal professionals time, lessen administrative responsibilities, and increase general customer happiness during our booth presentations. Positive reviews and enthusiasm for working with us are consistent from our clientele. Any law practice can be more productive with proper accounting and an understanding of the value of technology.

Insights into the Future of Legal Technology

The ISBA Conference also included principles for employing tech services, networking, and trust. These sessions gave participants insightful information about potential trends and difficulties facing the legal sector in the future.FirmTRAK was able to obtain a wider perspective on the changing market and the new trends in legal technology by interacting with like-minded legal tech companies and industry professionals. It reaffirmed our dedication to maintaining a position at the forefront of innovation and always enhancing our offerings in order to satisfy clients’ shifting needs.


For firmTRAK, attending the ISBA Conference was a worthwhile experience. We had the chance to network with legal experts, present our creative solutions, learn priceless information about the future of the legal sector, and hear firsthand from committed people like (insert name of someone you met).

Adopting technology will be crucial for law firms looking to prosper and provide outstanding service to their customers as the legal landscape continues to change. Future conferences are something we eagerly anticipate, as is the chance to use cutting-edge technology to better the legal profession.

“Why a Visit to firmTRAK’s Booth at ClioCon 2023 Will Improve Your Firm’s Success”

Are you prepared to transform your law firm’s operations and boost its profitability? Look no further than firmTRAK, the cutting-edge reporting tool that elevates your practice. We effortlessly combine data from PracticePanther, Xero, and Clio to provide you unmatched insights into the workings of your business. You can manage your firm like a business with firmTRAK, optimizing your Clio investment and saving time.

Unlock Your Firm’s Potential with firmTRAK

Our goal at firmTRAK is to equip law firms with the tools they need to automate processes, spur business expansion, and increase income. We deal with everything, including billing, collections, and attorney utilization. Your go-to option for overcoming reporting difficulties and improving general corporate effectiveness is firmTRAK.

Why firmTRAK at ClioCon 2023?

We’re thrilled to announce that firmTRAK is exhibiting at ClioCon 2023, and here’s why you can’t afford to miss us at our booth:

  1. Immediate Value: With over 30 pre-built standard reports available in firmTRAK’s extensive feature set, you may start using it in just three days. From the start, learn about important operational, marketing, and financial KPIs.
  2. Customization: We are aware that there is no one size that fits all. In order to ensure that you have useful insights that support informed decision-making, firmTRAK specializes in developing custom reports that are suited to your firm’s specific needs.
  3. Data Analysis: Utilize firmTRAK’s data analysis tools to spot trends, patterns, and operational improvement opportunities. Make decisions based on facts that will increase productivity, client satisfaction, and profitability.
  4. Real-time Reporting: Access current information to track important indicators in real-time with real-time reporting. Make proactive changes to your plans and resource allocation to stay competitive.
  5. Customizable Dashboards: By focusing on the particular metrics that are most important to your role, you may save time and make sure you always have the data you require close at hand.

Visit the firmTRAK booth at ClioCon 2023 to see firsthand how we can make your business successful. Don’t pass up this chance to increase your company’s performance and stand out from the competition. Together, let’s turn your legal firm into a successful and effective business.

Join us in shaping the future of your legal business at ClioCon 2023!