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Improving the Law Firm AR Cycle

Record of days sales outstanding (DSO) is one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for determining law firm liquidity. Reporting of DSO rates for a firm’s sales cycle assists in determining the time frame until outstanding client accounts are paid. By dividing the total of accounts receivables for a period by the total net credit sales, multiplied by the DSO, a firm can estimate its cash conversion cycle rate, signaling AR billing performance.

Accounts Receivables ➗ Total Net Credit Sales × Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) = Cash Conversion Cycle Rate

Why KPIs Boost Liquidity

With metric KPIs, a law firm has the insights it needs to improve collections efficiency, thus enhancing liquidity. Credit sales conversion rates and other transactions signaling a high DSO rate are a risk to finance that could otherwise be used for covering the operational expenses. Conversely, a firm can boost overall AR performance by decreasing DSO-related billing cycle risk. Capture your firm’s DSO to build a better financial model for the future.

Cash Flow Solution

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