Understanding Your Metrics with firmTRAK’s Rich Marvel

Rich Marvel explains how data can pinpoint areas of success and weakness to help lawyers make better business choices.

This podcast from 3/26/20 is just as relevant then as it is today. Growing Law Firms have many challenges. Those challenges are related to managing due dates, legal activities, tasks and other process management at the data capture points in your system. Growing law firms also need a way to quickly review and make strategic decisions based on the metrics associated with that captured data.

firmTRAK is a total law firm KPI dashboard for small and growing law firms. There are over 50 KPIs including law firm productivity. It features a dual connection with CLIO integration and a Xero integration. More connections are in the works, including a PracticePanther integration.

See the full transcript and interview at the ABA techshow with firmTRAK founder Rich Marvel here.